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RORY Original Cinema Light
RORY Original Cinema Light
RORY Original Cinema Light
RORY Original Cinema Light

RORY Original Cinema Light

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Hollywood Level Lighting 

RORY. Original Cinema Light is the key to taking Your content to the Hollywood level.

Used by over 600,000 filmmakers and photographers all around the globe including filmmakers for artists like Justin Bieber, Avicii and The Chainsmokers.

We understand how frustrating it is, when sometimes the content you shoot is just... boring. Now you can do it right with RORY. Original Cinema Light - the perfect portable studio light that puts You or whatever you shoot, in the best light every time.

Quick and easy setup

To get started just simply hold the light in your hand or attach it to your camera, and you're ready to start taking amazing pictures or film video in no time. 
The possibility to use it on top of your camera or handheld allows you to capture different angles and ideal viewings, making each photo and video you capture stand out and unique.

A rechargeable battery is included, works also with AA-batteries

RORY. Original Cinema Light comes with a rechargeable battery, with the option to use AA-batteries. Whether you like to use the rechargeable battery or AA-batteries, it's completely up to you.

Add color to your content

RORY. Original Cinema Light comes with two light diffusors: general and sunset. In addition to that, we have included 6 different color gel slips for you to spice up your lighting even more. By utilizing the two different diffusors and 6 different color gel slips, you can create all kinds of different lighting settings to fit all your photography or filmmaking needs.

Your videos and photos will never be the same

Adjust the brightness easily with the slider on the side of the panel. Depending on the brightness you are looking for, you can use it anywhere between 0 to 1000 lumens, fitting your lighting setting needs.
When you start using the RORY. Original Cinema Light, you will be able to present yourself in the best light and let your creativity shine like never before. Get yours today and spark up your creativity.

From creators to creators

Our long history in providing lighting equipment for Hollywood filmmaking sets has given us the experience that will help you to fulfill your vision. 
If you are not satisfied with the starlike brightness of  RORY. Original Cinema Light, we will give you your money back. 

It is easy to make a big difference with lighting

A common misconception is, that the camera you use has the greatest impact on making your shot look cinematic and professional. The biggest difference actually comes from your lighting.


Easy to set up
Simply hold the light in your hand or attach it to your camera and you're good to go. Making it easy to start taking killer pictures or film studio quality videos as soon as you get it.
Rechargeable battery / AA-Batteries
Whether you like to use the rechargeable battery or AA-batteries, it's completely up to you. If you happen to forget to charge your rechargeable battery, you can always just switch to disposable AA-batteries and you are ready to go.
Two different light diffusors
Makes all of your photos and videos look fantastic by  creating two totally different lighting settings even in the same space. 
Bright or dimmed
You can adjust the brightness with the slider on the side of the panel. You can use it with the full volume of 1000 lumens or dim it to suit your needs.
Mount or use handheld
Works as both, a handheld studio light and on top of your camera, allowing you to capture awesome videos and photos, using lighting from the exact angle of your preferences. You can mount it anywhere, it has a cold shoe and a screw attachments.
  • Luminance: 1000 Lumens
  • Size: 7cm x 3cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Color Temperatures: 3200K / 5500K
  • CRI Rating: > 95

Package includes:

  • RORY. Original Cinema Light
  • Protective bag
  • Two diffusors: general and sunset look
  • 6 Color gel slips
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • USB charging cable

RORY. warranty

If you happen to lose or break your RORY. Original, just contact our customer support and you will get a new one for 50% off. 

Step up your game and order your RORY. now!