Flexi-Tripod | RORY® Cinema Lights – RORY. Lights


Mount your RORY® Original Cinema Light with a Flexi-Tripod.

Flexi-Tripod is a flexible way to mount your RORY® Original Cinema Light or camera, to places normally out of reach. This travel-friendly tripod fits easily into your camera bag or backpack, without force. 


The absolute best part of a Flexi-Tripod. Getting creative with your angles and lighting hard- to impossible to reach areas becomes a breeze when Tripod is a part of your setup. The legs on this tripod are capable of being bent and wrapped around almost anything, while holding your RORY® or a camera firmly in place.


Balancing a Tripod is a non-issue. As the legs are so adjustable, you can bend and form your Tripod in all kinds of directions and shapes to achieve that perfect lighting. 


Flexi-Tripod's weight will surprise you when you get a hold of one. Weighing only 0.5lbs (240g), this flexible mount is easy to handle and yet as firm as they come. 


  • Travel-friendly tripod that can fit to most camera bags with ease
  • Mount and achieve the perfect balance anywhere – doors, trees, walls and anywhere you can imagine.
  • Easy to handle and operate due to lightweight design 
  • Use as a tripod
  • Mount in five seconds